Several Ways to SEO optimize YouTube Videos

Even though there have been a lot of people who have tried to obtain some incomes by uploading their videos on YouTube, it is still very a few people who are able to get stabilized incomes. This is why some people are still in doubt about the efficacy of YouTube as being one of the things which can help them to make money. Those who are still in doubt still probably have not known of SEO or Search engine optimization. In fact, SEO is one of the things that can help increase the popularity of a YouTube video in an instant. There are several ways those who want to optimize SEO for their YouTube videos can do. One of the easiest ways is to buy custom youtube comments, likes and also even views. Other than that, there are several ways that each of those YouTubers can do alone such as:

– Add Tag Relevant

YouTube video tags on some sort of categorization of a similar kind in the YouTube video. For example there is a search for the word “robber” on YouTube, and then YouTube will recommend a number of videos of the same category.
So, fill each tag your video as possible. Best if each containing 12 video tags with the number of characters does not exceed 120. To separate each of the tags, it is better to use double quotes.

– Replace the Thumbnail Pictures

The first thing to be seen by a person when opening a YouTube is the image of the Thumbnail. Like lighters, the image installed must be able to represent the video content and should be as attractive as possible.
Each uploaded video, YouTube always gives us a choice of three thumbnails. But well, this image can be made personally with the terms to be big picture, a minimum of 640px. But, it is better to use an image with the 1280x720px size. The name of the image file should also contain keywords.