Our culture of care is a central philosophy of the entire dental office

Dental care is no longer enough just to simply regular brushing, cleaning with dental floss and gargle diligently with liquid breath freshener. Various dental problems can arise without us knowing, as a result of lifestyle lived every day. For that, you need to diligently check their teeth to the doctor and perform the recommended action as needed. Here are some of the treatments offered by http://www.strathconadental.ca/ to do in order to keep teeth healthy and your smile is more brilliant;

1. Scaling helpful for cleaning food particles, cleaning tartar, preventing tooth discoloration, avoid gingivitis, and ultimately prevent tooth decay. Did you know that gingivitis is a disease in which the gums were swollen and reddened due to food particles are not cleaned, then turns into tartar when mixed with saliva, and eventually cause damage to the epithelial and connective tissue cells in the tooth? And if you have the disease, the possibility of the teeth to become brittle even easier.

2. Polishing is one method to lighten the color of the teeth back, by removing the stains stuck to the surface stain teeth like coffee, tea, cigarettes, and so forth. Typically, the polishing treatment performed after scaling. After polishing, if you want to continue treatment to a higher level, you are encouraged to do the bleaching.