“Keep Watching”, Present in 2017

Watching the film now not a difficult thing, because now you can visit www.juaramovie.com and watch movies online. We have a lot of movies that you can choose. This time we will discuss one of many horror movies  www.juaramovie.com that are anticipated in 2017, “Keep Watching”.

Keep Watching is an upcoming horror movie directed by Sean Carter and written by Joseph Dembner. A little glimpse of this film, tells the story of a family who was imprisoned in their own home by an intruder and they were forced to play the game of life and death with mysterious rules. However, over time all become clear. Families that too aware that the game they were doing was broadcast online and viewed by people around the world are glued and forced to KEEP WATCHING without knowing what they are witnessing is real or artificial events.

Curious? The film is scheduled to be aired in March 2017.