The Listening Section of the B1 English Test for Citizenship: What to know?

As you might have already known that separated from the Life in the UK test, the B1 English test for citizenship UK has two sections for its examinations: the speaking and listening tests. It means that you need to pass both of the sections of the test to pass the entire exam. For you applying for the Britain citizenship whose mother language of your country is not English that you have been using English so limitedly in your daily live, it might be still a little bit hard to be able to hear every single English word said by the other person with whom you have a conversation.

Particularly, if the person is a native English speaker who lives in the UK, the chance of your getting trapped in confusion is more plausible when trying to understand every single word; the reason is because the country does not only have one common accent used as a way pronouncing the language but many of them which are varied from one area of the country to another. So, to help you pass this section of the test, we would like to discuss some tips which we believe can help you pass this part. Below will be the discussion.

To be able to pass this section, it will be beneficial if you have a great attention to details. Your examiners will probably give you information which might sound correct to you but not quite right. You have to remember this very well that being nearly correct is not the same as being entirely correct. So, if you feel that what the examiners say in the test is still not entirely right but also not entirely wrong, it is better to find the exact right answer as it must be one hundred present correct to be right.

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